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Austin DJ Services with over 20 years experience in the music industry. DJ Warden will work with you to make your vision of your event come to life! We specialize in pro audio, lighting, and DJ Performances. We strive to make your wedding, corporate party, or special event memorable and filled with dancing.

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From an early age, owner and operator Matt Ward (DJ Warden) has been heavily involved in music. With over 20 years playing music as a drummer, the ability to interpret music and build energy translates exceptionally to DJing. Formed in 2020 R2-DJ (formerly called reformed rocker productions) has serviced weddings, party barges, house parties, birthday parties and dance events all over Texas.

We bring only the best Audio equipment, with master-quality versions of all audio tracks. (Non of this low-quality streamed or airwave music... have you ever been to a party and the music just sounds a little off and you can't put your finger on it? Its often because much of the 'information' in the music is missing since its using a low quality streamed version. Unfortunately it is super noticeable on speakers needed for big events - we make sure the audio will be crisp, clean, and thumping.)

Our lighting effects are a class above the rest, everything from up-lighting to bring the right ambiance, to spotlights for your first dance. We make sure the lighting reflects the atmosphere your vision demands, leaving a memorable impression to all your guests.

Texas hill country wedding with a mixed set of Country and Pop.
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We service a wide range of celebrations and specialize in weddings, dance parties, and corporate events. When you book with us, you aren't just getting the 'day of services' but working with your planner and you to get every detail right!

We charge a flat hourly rate from the time we arrive at the venue to we leave. We will work with you to make sure the right equipment is brought for the space. All our equipment is professional grade.

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What DJ equipment do you use?

Only the best! We have a wide collection of premium equipment.

DJ Controllers: Pioneer SRT1000, Denon Prime Go, Reloop Ready

Audio: Electro Voice ELX-200 18" Subs and 12" Loud Speakers, EV ZLX 15" Speakers, EV Evolve 30M array speakers, EV Everse8

All Audio is 320kbps or better

Lighting: ADJ Element Hex Pars, UB12 light bars, Mega Hex Pars, PocketProPearls, FocusSpot 4z, Starburst, Chauvet DJ Gigbar2, all controlled with advanced lighting programming through SoundSwitch or Wolfmix.

Will the DJ take requests?

Depends - we want to make sure you have the celebration of your dreams. We will work with you in advance to make sure your preferences are honored - is there a genre you don’t want to hear? No problem. Your guest requesting mood breaking music after over-indulging? No problem. We try our best to incorporate requests that keep the vibe and mood of your party going. In advance of the wedding, we actually request you give us at least 10 songs you wish to hear so we can partner together in creating the atmosphere you want.

When should I book?

The sooner the better so we can plan! Our preference is no more than 12 months out from your event. If you are really close to your date we will try our best to accommodate, but can’t guarantee that we are not already booked.

Do I tip the DJ?

If the DJ does a good job, it’s typically customary for 10-20% gratuity, but this is up to you. Its an expression of appreciation for the service and not expected. (But we thank you in advance!)

Should we feed / provide drinks for the DJ?

For a long event, it’s appreciated but something we can talk about in the contract. If a guest offers a shot or a drink, we will accept to keep the party going, but we don’t get inebriated on the job.

What service do you offer?

DJ and music entertainment services for wedding ceremonies, corporate events, private parties, house parties, private karaoke, dance floor lighting, uplighting, and professional session drumming.

What’s the process like?

Typically we will schedule a 45 minute intake meeting, giving us a chance to meet and see if working together feels right. During the time we will discuss your preferences, goals for the ceremony, dates, services desired, etc. I will get a quote together within 48 hours and if you wish to move forward, all that is required is a 20% deposit to secure your event. After locking in my services, I will work with you or your event planner on ironing out details, and will also want you to collaborate on some of the music you would like to hear! My goal is for this to be as collaborative as you want - I know this can be stressful and you have so much going on, so you can participate as much or as little as you feel like to make sure you have the celebration of your dreams.

Why does audio quality matter?

When you play a typical song off Spotify or an mp3 purchased from amazon, the bitrate (the amount of data a second) is around 200kbps or so. This means there are so many little details in the song that are being cut out. When you start playing those types of files through a loud speaker system those missing details matter and can make your music sound 'dull' or a little "tinny". You and your guests might not be able to put your finger on it, but that audio quality can make or break a dance floor.

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